Mexican Phoenix – 2019

It was a blast, it was Sergio Magaña. 7 days in the Mexican Jungle. I miss you already. The weather was amazing, all the animals were centered out of this world. Mexico was very so relaxing. Big roads, no traffic jams, and the sun is always shining. The ruins are amazing.

My emotinal state was not so good, although I can proudly call myself a breathing master, due to my work, my stress levels were high, also I couldn’t sleep in the heat the first few days, my body needed to adjust to the climate, there was no aircons, and even if there were, I am not a big fan of using them. So I have had some sleepless nights. I did adapt at the end and had the most woderful time. The group was small, it was business people from Russia, who came to take back, techniques which can be used daily, and that is exactly what they got. Thank you all for coming, it was really a great experience for me too. Looking forward to seing you again.

One thought on “Mexican Phoenix – 2019

  1. Olga Loutokhina says:

    It was a special treat to have the two of you, Feodor and Sergio, at this small Russian event that frustrated me first but then inspired to go for my dream fearlessly. I am grateful you made it possible, Feodor!

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