Activate superlearning with – is a coaching app, which teaches you to enter delta sleep states with awareness, it helps rewrite and escape the subconscious programs which rule your life.

I have just updated the text on the appstore, because I realised just now, for the past 3.5 years, I have been doing just that. I have been reprograming my subconscious programs. I have learned and unlearned so much, gained new habits, got rid of old habits.
When you do the exercise, especially when you are tired, it keeps you awake, but puts you into sleep at the same time. In that state, you can work directly with the subconscious mind. You can do it all day every day. It has been proven, that at the very early stage of our development, actually at the stage of pregnancy, the programs are created, all the way until we are 6 years old. Everything our parents do or not do, becomes our life later on. With, you are able to get into that delta stage and change stuff, which is very hard. It can be done with the help of hypnosis, but hey, you don’t go to hypnotherapist every day, and there are so many programs that I want to change. Also you can change these programs if you practice lucid dreaming, the thing is, first you need to become aware of the stuff that you want to change in the first place. And that is also what has given me, it gave me the space to see the reflection of myself, to see how I continue the habits of my parents, which I don’t want to and so on.

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