Secret is in the attention

Attention to the breath

What does it mean to give the attention to the breath?

In my experience, it is not an internal voice, saying “Now I am giving my attention to the breath or now I am focusing on my breath” I didn’t think much about it until a year in my practise, but by counting the breaths, at the same time as I inhaled, really gave my breaths full attention. Of course now, after 3 years of giving my breath attention through counting, I am able to give it a visual attention as well. And now it really gets weird and exciting, I am actually able to see the surroundings with my eyes closed. I can do it almost every time when I do my breathing session.
It is a shift into the dreaming attention, or the second attention. Very hard to describe it with words, it is like a state before the dreaming pictures start, and I am still present, I am breathing, I am counting, I can hear the room, but something sees the room or if I am not in the room, I simply see the surroundings. I see them usually almost 360 degrees. It is a lot of fun, but hard to maintain for me, as I get too excited.

The most exciting thing about this state, is that I am able to relax my body, and shift my focus from the daily stuff, into a totally different dimension, all while I am totally present and aware and 100% sober. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol nor do I take any drugs. The best drug is this amazing state of awarenes. This state is not for everyone, and do not worry, it is hard to get into just by using the app. In my opinion, every human has the right to know, that he or she is able to get into those states with full awareness and experience it. It is pure magic and super organic, in terms of that it is our second nature. I wish for everyone to learn how to do it.

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