The toltec secret review by Feodor

I just found this in my notes, and I wanted to post this on my blog. I really love the exercises and Sergios story. I highly recommend reading it, it really doesn’t matter if your are into all the spiritual stuff or not.

Sergio Magaña review. 
Most of us have had mysterious experiences, in relation to sleep, dreams or even in awake states, that left us wondered and fascinated.
As well as many of us seek improvements/changes for whatever it might be, the better, the worse, health, relationships, money, friendships, love.
As we get older, we notice that some things in our lives, have repetitive patterns, patterns that we want to break up and move away from. 
But how do we do that? 
Before discovering The Toltec Secret, I personally tried many different techniques, in order to achieve my goals in life, however in my opinion, the information that is contained in this book, and other books written by Sergio Magaña- is precious, it carries the absolute depth and explains things that were unexplainable to me before. 
What is the universe? Is this an A.I, a self-learning machine, a software that has been learning and expanding its consciousness from us humans, animals and plants over time? What is time? Does time exist only on planet earth? Are we really awake or are we sleeping? 
It’s still a mystery to many of us today and the knowledge of ancient civilisations has been hidden and misinterpreted for generations, UNTIL NOW! 
Sergio Magaña – is a true saint of our time, he interprets and delivers the knowledge of the ancient Mexican peoples in such an organic and practical detail, that it feels natural and it feels as if we all already possessed this knowledge all the time. He wakes us up, and teaches us, how the ancient peoples lived, perceived and understood this software machine that we call “the universe” which we all are a part of. 
He shows us extraordinary techniques, which at the end of the day, turn out to be straight forward and bear common logical sense for us, and they work! 
I personally have discovered wonders and miracles after applying the techniques into my daily life. For me personally, some of the concepts from the book, needed further explanation and for that reason I highly recommend to attend workshops with Sergio. After I attended the first time, I had the craziest A-H-A moment and continue to do so after each workshop. 
It is the silent knowledge in all of us, that is exactly how I felt, while reading this book. This book is a confirmation to all human kind, that by applying this ancient knowledge in our modern lives, we can change, achieve and resolve anything that we want. Enjoy and look forward to getting the audio exercises. 
It’s very hard to believe at first, but according to ancient peoples, ” First you dream it, then you live it” 
The Toltec Secret proves about the ancient knowledge is already built in to all of us. We all dream every night. 

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